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A new multimedia campaign promotes the use of life jackets among Latino families

For the third consecutive year, the Water Sports Foundation (WSF) of the United States launches in partnership with Hispanic Communications Network (HCN), a new edition of its successful multimedia educational campaign, to promote the use of life jackets among members of Latino families across the country.

With public service messages on radio and social networks, the campaign coincides with the completion of the National Week of Safe Navigation (NSBW), from May 24 to 31, which is part of an international effort focused on improving the safety of activities aquatic life through the use of a lifejacket at all times.

“The goal is to make the use of life jacket a habit, when doing aquatic activities. To emphasize that point, one of the visual messages shows Latino families wearing the life jacket at unique moments, such as a wedding or with the dentist. It’s a way of saying: always wear the life jacket …” said Jim Emmons, Non-Profit Outreach Grants Director of Water Sports Foundation (WSF)

Another of the activities of the NSBW includes going one day to work with life jackets, in order to highlight the importance of using the vest as other security elements that are already part of our daily life, such as the safety belt in cars.

Official statistics show that 8 out of 10 deaths during activities in the water have a tragic element in common: The victims did not wear a lifejacket. In the same way, many of the boats involved in accidents did carry the lifebuoy, but the occupants did not use it for different reasons. “Unfortunately, our Latino community has one of the highest percentages of people, especially children, who can not swim. It is proven that the use of vests saves lives. In the case of Latino families, that benefit is more important than among any other group,” said HCN President Alison Rodden.

But despite its positive impact on safety, many Latinos avoid using life jackets because they consider it uncomfortable, even when there is a new generation of less restrictive and more comfortable vests. The new campaign seeks to continue efforts to inspire a culture of maritime safety among the Spanish-speaking public, through Public Service Messages in the network of affiliated stations of HCN, in the programming of shows of the Hispanic Network, as well as messages multimedia on their sites on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Experts in maritime safety will be available to the media, in order to provide detailed information on the benefits of the use of vests, how to choose the appropriate vest based on size and weight, and the appropriate way to use it to take advantage of its benefits of protection and security. The campaign will be broadcast from May 24 to 31 at the national level. To arrange interviews, call Mercy Padilla 202.360.4112.

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PRNewswire, 5/23/19

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