UPDATE: República Names Rosanna Fiske Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

Rosanna Fiske

Hispanic advertising and PR firm República announced that Rosanna Fiske will serve as the agency’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer. The newly created position will focus on enhancing client strategy alignment among the agency’s disciplines by integrating advertising, digital and communications initiatives as well as by leveraging cross-market approaches. She will oversee research and planning; account management; communications, content creation and engagement; and digital and media.

With nearly 25 years experience in marketing and communications, Fiske most recently served as the director of the master’s program in Global Strategic Communications at Florida International University (FIU) in addition to being professor in the Advertising and Public Relations department.

“Through sustained growth in the past five years, República continues to expand in scope and reach, and we are delighted to welcome Rosanna to our firm as part of that expansion,” said Jorge A. Plasencia, chairman and CEO. “With a wealth of experience in multinational agency, corporate environments and academia, Rosanna brings a depth of expertise and understanding in integrated advertising and communications that is unrivaled.”

Fiske, who began her career as a journalist in New York, has held senior communications counsel, marketing, and management positions in both agency and corporate settings. Before joining academia, Fiske was partner and senior counsel at Communiqué Group/Rise Strategies, an integrated marketing communications firm serving international corporate brands, overseeing work completed in the U.S., Asia, Europe and Latin America.  Previously, Fiske was vice president at Ketchum, where she was responsible for the global account management of consumer-marketing clients.

“Adding Rosanna to our leadership team strengthens our agency in many ways,” said Luis Casamayor, president and chief creative officer. “Communications is in her DNA, and combined with her knowledge of technology, nurturing spirit, and relentless energy, she is a natural fit for the vision that Jorge and I have for República’s future.”

Throughout her career, Fiske has led multi-disciplinary account teams for number of industry leaders including Charles Schwab & Co., American Airlines, MCI, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Telefónica, and Wells Fargo.

She has received a number of honors and awards including being named one of the “Top 100 Influentials in the Nation” by Hispanic Business Magazine. An accredited professional in public relations, she also recently served as the first Latina to lead the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) as chairwoman and CEO.

“After many years of wearing different hats in leadership in the marketing, advertising and communications profession, I found a great cultural fit in República,” said Fiske. “Not afraid to take risks with innovative and cross-cultural know-how for a total market approach, República is one of the leading, digitally focused agencies, prepared and positioned for where our industry is headed.”

Rosanna Fiske leaves FIU to join República

Rosanna Fiske, 2011 chair of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and a longtime faculty member of Florida International University, has left the university to join Miami-based advertising and PR firm República.

Fiske, previously in Communique, her own firm, and with Ketchum, was director of the Global Strategic Communications Master’s Program in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at FIU, where she was also an associate professor.

BuenaVision TV Network Launches in New York

The recently launched network is now on-air and available on Channel 3, with numerous entertainment options for New York’s Latino community

BuenaVision TV launched its Spanish-language TV network last week, kicking off with a unique and local offering for Latinos in the New York Tri-State area. The network offers an array of shows from partner channels in the Caribbean and Latin America as well as shows that will be produced and distributed locally, an innovative blend for the New York Hispanic TV industry.

The BuenaVision TV network, launched on WBQM Channel 3, covers 17.4 million television households in the New York area. Carlos Barba, President and CEO of BuenaVision TV and a pioneer in the Hispanic television industry, enthusiastically shared that “we are looking forward to welcoming the Latin community to their new home away from home, a Spanish channel where they can reconnect with their cultures, homelands and families; a place where we can feel proud to be Latinos.” Carlos says the channel will cater to “Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Cubans and other Caribbeans and Central Americans living in New York. 56% of the population in NY is Hispanic.”

Programming Highlights

The channel just launched and has already made additions to its programming grid, such as acclaimed shows from Colombia’s renowned Jorge Barón; El Show de las Estrellas and Noticiero TelePaís.  El Show de las Estrellas, which airs Sunday evenings from 7:00 – 9:30 p.m., has been airing in Colombia since 1969, featuring international stars since its inauguration. Today it has become one of the most recognized shows in Latin America, having featured more than 35,000 artists and toured through the world’s prominent capitals such as Madrid, London, Mexico City, and Caracas.  Noticiero Telepaís airs weekday nights from 11:00 to 11:30 PM EST and is one of Colombia’s most viewed programs, focusing on positive news coverage, opportunities in the region, and reports about the community’s unsung heroes.  Both shows offer top-quality television from one of the region’s most established producers, Jorge Barón, who for over four decades has been a trailblazer in the Latin American TV industry.

BuenaVision’s primetime programming will include nightly news, interview & entertainment shows, plus a variety of popular movies from the big screen on CineClub.  One of the entertainment shows, Hollywood Express, is produced and filmed at Universal Studios in Los Angeles covering all of the celebrity happenings of the movie industry with Caroline Barba as the host.  Other partner providers include Color Visión Channel 9 in Dominican Republic and Teleoro Channel 13 in Puerto Rico.

Luminar launches ‘Big Data’ Insights Service to help campaigns capture 2012 Latino Vote

In anticipation of a Latino vote that could prove decisive in toss up states like Florida and Colorado,  analytics insights provider Luminar  is launching what it deems the first “big data” analytics and modeling service specifically focused on U.S. Latino consumers, offering insights into Latino voters that can help political campaigns develop winning strategies.

Luminar executives say that they are able to create precise insights of Latinos’ behavior by leveraging voter files, consumer habits, media digital interactions, transactional data and analytical models.  By gaining a deep understanding of Latino consumer habits, political strategists are better able to develop highly relevant communication campaigns that can truly connect with Latino voters.

As an example, Luminar recently analyzed the Latino population of Denver, Colo, the capital city of a “battleground state,” where approximately 14 percent of the roughly 400,000 registered voters are of Latino descent. Some of the voting tendencies and purchasing insights of this group relevant to political campaigns include:

Voting Tendencies in Denver

-  Spanish continues to be the language of choice for the majority of Latino voters in Denver – with 44 percent of Republicans, 44 percent of Democrats and 39 percent of Independents preferring Spanish-language communications.

-  Latinas in Denver represent 53% of total registered Latino voters, compared to 47% of their Latino male counterparts.  However, about 62 percent of these women consider Spanish their primary language and their voting age tends to be younger than the men.

-  A strong majority of Denver’s Latino voters (56 percent) are Democrats; 32 percent are registered as Independents, and approximately 10 percent register as Republican.

-  31 percent of “super voters” (those who vote in every election) are Democrats, 23 percent of Republicans and only 5 percent are Independents.

Purchasing Insights

-  “Super voters” spend the most on children’s products, videos/DVDs, and music, while the “low-propensity voters” concentrate on gardening, electronics, and sports/leisure. The “mid-propensity voters” are spending a whopping 43 percent of their purchases on computing products, with travel, health, and apparel trailing behind.

-   Democrats lead a majority of spending among Latino voters in Denver. In fact, Democrats are responsible for 76 percent of all purchases in the videos/DVDs category and 72 percent of all children’s products. Independents make 30 percent of all purchases in travel, and 29 percent of purchases in the electronics, sports and leisure, and auto parts categories. Republicans spend less, accounting for only 22 percent of purchases in the grocery category and 17 percent in travel.

“Whether a campaign wins or loses hinges on correctly using the right analytics and data, and Luminar has the insights and expertise to help campaigns decide where to accurately and effectively allocate their resources to reach this end consumer,” said Oscar Padilla, vice president of strategy at Luminar.

Capitol Latin taps DIÁLOGO to lead Hispanic social media

San Diego-based PR firm DIÁLOGO has been selected as the Social Media Agency of Record for Capitol Latin (www.capitollatin.com), the Latin division of Capitol Records.

Castells & Asociados relaunches web site as part of agency rebrand

Los Angeles-based Castells & Asociados has relaunched its agency web site www.adcastells.com as part of  an effort  agency rebranding effort that showcases its breadth and depth of brand and sales-building work over 15 years.

“We were so focused helping our clients develop cutting-edge Hispanic websites, social platforms, and staying ahead of digital”, said founder and President, Liz Castells. “You know, the shoemaker cliche. It was time to apply that thinking we refined with our clients, to re-focus on our own agency brand.”

The new html site is more robust and engaging, includes social links and a few bells and whistles. This coincides with the agency’s evolved flame logo, tagline – ROI-powered ideas – reorganization, equity partner news, and getting back to pitching new business.

“Our essence remains the same, we just coalesced and honed the communication of what we do, how we do it and what we bring to the party — and bring it to life in our site content. That meant creative samples within situational case study context with every-platform and 5-P activation examples, because that is our strength. Linking all the pieces across Client disciplines, units and partners, leveraging both commonalities and unique ethnic needs. Our digital, social, mobile, endorsements, PR and community efforts are interwoven to build the brand story and impact behavior and sales. Yes, we win creative awards, but our focus is results.

White House Cites Census Bureau as Federal Digital Leader

 “America’s Economy,” the U.S. Census Bureau’s first mobile application, is now available for iPhone and iPad. The America’s Economy mobile app provides updated statistics on the U.S. economy, including monthly economic indicators and economic trends.

At a White House event today marking the three-month anniversary of the Federal Digital Strategy, U.S. Chief Information Officer Steven VanRoekel announced the launch of the iPad and iPhone versions and cited the Census Bureau as prime example of a federal agency “making great strides towards putting a solid foundation for a 21st Century Digital Government in place.”

“The Census Bureau is now using 21st century technology to meet its centuries-old mission, making the statistics that define our growing, changing nation more accessible to the public than ever before,” said William Bostic Jr., the Census Bureau’s associate director for economic programs.

The app consolidates indicators from the Census Bureau, the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which produce monthly and quarterly snapshots of key sectors within the U.S. economy. It provides smartphone and tablet users with real-time releases of 16 key government statistics that drive business hiring, sales and production decisions useful to small businesses, the construction industry, the banking industry, journalists, economists, planners, policymakers and anyone who wants to monitor U.S. economic data.

As of today, there are already more than 10,000 downloads from the Google Play store. As a leader in the Federal Digital Strategy, the Census Bureau continues to open its statistics to the American people through its Web Transformation Project. In the first three weeks since the Census Bureau’s Application Programming Interface was released in July, 860 developers received keys to access its data sets. The API will be updated with 2011 American Community Survey statistics in December.

“America’s Economy offers statistics on the go and expands Census Bureau statistics to a mobile device,” said Avi Bender, the Census Bureau’s chief technology officer. “America’s Economy and the Census API we released in July are examples of what is to come from the Census Bureau, such as improvements to the census.gov website and more mobile apps. This is all part of the Census Bureau’s digital transformation to provide the general public and the government workforce with access to information ‘anywhere, anytime, on any device,’ a key goal of the Federal Digital Strategy. To that end, we now provide for Internet responses to 60 different surveys.”


The following 16 key economic indicators will be available as part of the initial release of the app:

Census Bureau

Advance Monthly Retail Sales

New Residential Construction

New Residential Sales

Construction Spending

International Trade

Advance Report Durable Goods

Business Inventories

Manufacturers’ Goods

Monthly Wholesale

Homeownership Rate

Quarterly Services Survey

QFR – Retail Trade

QFR – Manufacturing

Bureau of Economic Analysis

Gross Domestic Product

Personal Income and Outlays

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Unemployment Rate

Users are able to set alerts to receive notifications when economic indicators are updated. They can also add statistical release schedules to their personal calendars. When each indicator is released, users can share the news on both Facebook and Twitter. Future updates of America’s Economy will include additional statistics.

The “America’s Economy” app became available to Android users on Aug. 9.

FDA hires Sensis for tobacco education campaign

The FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) retained cross-cultural advertising agency Sensis to develop and deliver public health education campaigns about the dangers of tobacco use, targeting at-risk and underserved populations. Sensis is one of three agencies awarded contracts by the FDA for the five-year, $210 million project.

“This is arguably the biggest win in Sensis’ history,” President José Villa said. “This is a national campaign tackling the important issues of tobacco use and public health. We see our role as a cross-cultural agency to target effective messaging to a wildly diverse audience to prevent the use of tobacco and get users to quit.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tobacco use causes more than 400,000 deaths each year in the United States – or about one out of every five. On average, adults who smoke cigarettes die 14 years earlier than nonsmokers and more than 8.5 million Americans have chronic illnesses related to smoking. Despite those facts, one in four high school students report current tobacco use. About 3,450 youth start smoking and 850 become regular smokers every day.

There are also numerous health disparities related to tobacco use among special populations in the U.S. These at-risk and underserved populations include minority racial and ethnic groups; gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals; people with disabilities; people in the military, veterans, their families; pregnant women; people living in rural areas; those with low socioeconomic status.

“We have more than a decade’s experience reaching underserved and multicultural audiences in a crowded, splintered and ever-evolving media environment,” Villa said. “We cannot wait to get started on this vital work.”

Batanga Media purchases website developer Crovat

Batanga Media expands its portfolio with the purchase of Crovat, an Uruguay-based venture that has developed 300-plus consumer websites over the last five years. Focused on lifestyle content targeting women, Crovat’s sites, blogs and online communities combined, report 12 million unique visits per month. The lineup of websites created by Crovat includes lasmanualidades.com, imujer.com, elgranchef.com, and alfombrarosa.com. Batanga CEO Rafael Urbina notes that the acquisition expands Batanga’s footprint when it comes to relevant and entertaining content aimed at Hispanics. Under the terms of the purchase, Crovat founder Santiago Pehar will join Batanga Media as vice president of product, overseeing all lifestyle properties.

Univision Partner Group Secures IAB Validation

Univision Interactive’s Univision Partner Group, a network of 300 Spanish-language publishers covering content in the sports, entertainment, news, and lifestyle categories, has received Interactive Advertising Bureau certification, confirming its compliance with the group’s Quality Assurance Guidelines. The guidelines are designed to increase buyer control over the placement and context of advertising, thereby offering agencies and clients alike increased confidence when developing or placing ad buys. Among the networks already certified by the IAB are AOL, Google and Yahoo! Univision Interactive executives indicate that five million unique visitors connect to the Univision Partner Group affiliates.


Source: Hispanic Market Weekly

Comcast Cable To Be Honored With The 2012 Award for Leadership in Hispanic Television

Two leading television industry publications, Broadcasting & Cable andMultichannel News have announced that Comcast Cable will be the first-ever recipient of their new award for Leadership in Hispanic Television.   This recognition will be presented to leading executives of Comcast Cable during the Awards Luncheon at the Tenth Annual Hispanic Television Summit, to be held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Times Square of New York City on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. (more…)

Why you should consider adding Pinterest to your marketing bulletin board

Pinterest is taking the social media community by storm in 2012, growing its membership at a faster rate than any other social network. The rapid growth has made it the third-most-popular social network, behind only Facebook and Twitter.

The quick growth has caught many marketers off guard, so let’s take a look at why Pinterest absolutely should be pinned on your marketing board for potential new tactics. (more…)