iHispano & Fox News Latino Offer Free Career Services for Latinos

iHispano.com and Fox News Latino will partner in offering a professional online community designed to provide news of special interest to Hispanic professionals, and open doors to jobs at leading American companies that specifically seek to build a diverse workforce. Fox News Latino content is now available through the iHispano.com home page . This will provide access to iHispano's job listings and a menu of free career services. Founded by social entrepreneurs who care deeply about equal opportunity and economic
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Parago Launches Solo Spanish, an Entirely Spanish-Language Fulfillment Offering


Spanish reward fulfillment and customer service offering improves personalization, customer experience, reduces waste Parago, a leading provider of consumer and corporate incentives,has launched of a promotional fulfillment service offering designed to reward and communicate to clients' Spanish-speaking customers in their language of preference. Many consumer promotions are currently marketed in Spanish; however, translation gaps in reward fulfillment and customer service communications exist. Solo Spanish
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PeopleEnEspanol.com Offers Live Streaming of Annual “Stars of the Year” Gala

people en espanol

PeopleEnEspanol.com has partnered with NowLive, a live event production and streaming company, to provide the official webcast from People en Espanol's "Las Estrellas del Ano" event—live from the red carpet. On Thursday, December 8, from 9:00-11:00 PM EST, PeopleEnEspanol.com users will have a virtual front-row seat; live on the red carpet from "Las Estrellas del Ano," People en Espanol's annual celebration of the most buzz-worthy Latino stars in television, movies and music.  Visitors to PeopleEnEspanol.com will
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Spanish Broadcasting System Names Jackie Nosti-Cambo VP of Business Analytics

Spanish Broadcasting System has appointed Jackie Nosti-Cambo to Vice President of Business Analytics for SBS. Mrs. Nosti-Cambo will focus on the business practices of SBS in all of its markets. She will also develop new insights and understanding to improve business performance in order to grow revenue in all of the company's markets. Jackie Nosti-Cambo has been with SBS since 1992. Prior to her appointment, she was VP/General Manager for WXDJ- El Zol 95.7FM, WRMA-Romance 106.7FM, WCMQ-Clasica 92.3FM and WRAZ-Cima
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Latin Business Today Launches Website with Practical Career Advice for Latino Entrepreneurs & Professionals

latin business today

Latin Business Today, a dynamic new online publication serving the unique needs of Latino entrepreneurs and professionals, has launched with support from blue-chip advertisers. Featuring an innovative content model that emphasizes practical career guidance, networking, and mentoring, the site also boasts alliances with a broad array of professional, research, and advocacy organizations nationwide, according to founder, managing partner, and publisher Barry Mittelman. Coverage areas on LatinBusinessToday.com include
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Tutele y Tutele Dos Launches 1st Global Bilingual Network with Original Programming [VIDEO]


Telenovela, Fitness, Music, Variety, Comedy and Action Are The First Channels To Broadcast On New Online Network Maker Studios has launched its flagship online global bilingual network Tutele and Tutele Dos. This is the first bilingual online network of original web programming specially created to supply the increasing demand for content by Spanish-speaking, English-speaking and bilingual Latinos. Tutele, which is part of the launch of more than 100 thematic channels in YouTube, was announced recently by the
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Defining PR: Words with Friends


Recently, the Public Relations Society of America sent out a crowd-sourcing challenge: Let’s create a new definition for public relations. It’s about time. After all, the last one was adopted in 1982. It was the dawn of the PC revolution. IBM had introduced the IBM model number 5150 the year before. The Commodore 64 8-bit home computer made its debut. In two years, Apple would introduce the Macintosh. Arguably, the PC has had more impact on public relations than any other device. It has changed our scope,
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Shopping Habits are First to Change for New Moms [STUDY]

Proprietary research unveils key insights on how first-time moms think, feel and change as shoppers Every day, 4,400 women in the United States discover that they're going to become a mom for the first time. As a woman nears motherhood and becomes a mom, her approach to shopping changes significantly. She spends more time planning before she buys, and places more importance on safety, durability and brand reputation. These are just a few insights found by top-ranking, integrated marketing communications agency Eric
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Trading On Sentiment Analysis — A Public Relations Tool Goes To Wall Street

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters doesn’t just publish news — it now reads the news as well, measures sentiment with sophisticated linguistic analytics, and distributes the results to both algorithmic trading engines and real live human traders. This is a big step beyond news services which distribute simple news elements such as corporate earnings or unemployment figures that can be read by trading systems. “We filter out the noise on the Internet and concentrate on the most relevant, impactful and market moving news,”
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2012 Trends: A Virtuous Circle of Technology & Content Adoption

Adoption of smartphones and tablets accelerates trend Surges in tablet, smartphone and ereader adoption have stoked demand for content consumed on these devices, including video, audio, social media, games, news, books and periodicals. eMarketer estimates that the number of US tablet users will reach 89.5 million in 2014, up from 33.7 million in 2011. Tablet users will make up 35.6% of internet users in 2014, up from 14.5% this year. The number of US adult ereader users will reach 53.9 million by 2014, up from
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Google+ Brand Pages: What PR Pros Need to Know [VIDEO]

The burgeoning social media network offered by Google, Google+, recently rolled out the ability to create a presence for brands and organizations. As this development gains traction among the public and, by extension, the business community, what does it mean for PR practitioners? Implementation and Tips There are a plethora of resources devoted to explaining the intricacies of the technology. Here are some specifics for PR practitioners: The impact of Google’s verification system. While there is a
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