iHispano & Fox News Latino Offer Free Career Services for Latinos

iHispano.com and Fox News Latino will partner in offering a professional online community designed to provide news of special interest to Hispanic professionals, and open doors to jobs at leading American companies that specifically seek to build a diverse workforce.

Fox News Latino content is now available through the iHispano.com home page . This will provide access to iHispano’s job listings and a menu of free career services.

Founded by social entrepreneurs who care deeply about equal opportunity and economic empowerment, iHispano.com has been attracting thousands of senior professionals who desire to share their expertise with others who may need guidance in polishing their career skills. The founders saw a partnership with Fox News Latino as an ideal vehicle for connecting Latino professionals with jobs at top American companies as well as with a caring and likeminded community of peers and mentors during a tough economy.

“Wall Street may have seen an uptick in the past two years, but as Americans continue to feel the sting of the recession, they need access to the advanced education and career skills necessary to land the jobs that will secure their future,” said iHispano Chief Executive Officer Rudy Martinez. “We are proud of the vision we share with Fox News Latino for building an online community that is dedicated to investing in the diverse workforce of the future,” said Martinez.

“We are pleased to partner with iHispano.com in creating content that reflects a sensibility of the Latino community and a deep engagement, and commitment to American society,” said Francisco Cortes, Director of Fox News Latino.  “It is exciting to know that together we will provide resources that impact all of our lives,” added Cortes.

Martinez explains that in total, iHispano.com, a division of Professional Diversity Network, and its sister networking channels for diverse groups have an audience of 27 million aspiring diverse professionals. With a credo of “each one reach one,” community members are encouraged and inclined to mentor or open a door to an opportunity for a trusted colleague. The PDN network lists more than 100,000 jobs and a wide array of personal career resources that are free of charge.

Parago Launches Solo Spanish, an Entirely Spanish-Language Fulfillment Offering

Spanish reward fulfillment and customer service offering improves personalization, customer experience, reduces waste

Parago, a leading provider of consumer and corporate incentives,has launched of a promotional fulfillment service offering designed to reward and communicate to clients’ Spanish-speaking customers in their language of preference. Many consumer promotions are currently marketed in Spanish; however, translation gaps in reward fulfillment and customer service communications exist. Solo Spanish addresses this shortfall and is now available for all Parago consumer incentive and customer acquisition programs including rebates, gift with purchase and others.

The new Spanish-language program tailors all communication touch points to the language of the customer’s choosing during reward submission. For example, once a customer identifies preference for the Spanish language, all following communication will be tailored to this preference. Solo Spanish will not only provide better customer service by communicating in native or language-of-preference, it will also make consumer incentives fulfillment more personalized. Some consumer promotions include two languages in all written fulfillment materials — both English and Spanish. Parago’s new program will only have a single version of each communication piece in the language that the consumer selected, speaking directly to the customer and reducing the volume of communication materials.

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. the nation’s leading provider of unlimited, no annual contract, flat-rate wireless service, has implemented Solo Spanish with great success.

“MetroPCS’ customer-base has a large Spanish-speaking component,” said Phil Terry, senior vice president of corporate marketing, MetroPCS. “We work with Parago to help drive customer acquisition, deliver incentives and maintain ongoing engagement with our valued customers and now, with dedicated Spanish-language communication, we are able to better serve our customers.”

“Parago delivers rewards on behalf of most major consumer brands in America, and as such is pleased to offer a more personalized reward fulfillment service offering tailored specifically for Spanish-speaking consumers and Hispanic-focused marketing campaigns,” stated Juli Spottiswood, President & CEO of Parago. “As Spanish-speaking consumers represent 12 percent of US residents, Solo Spanish will help our clients meet the increasingly diverse American consumer. Companies have realized the benefits of marketing in the native language of Spanish-speaking communities, and we are proud to extend that approach to promotion fulfillment and post-purchase communications.”

Parago provides consumer incentive and customer acquisition rewards to 1 out of every 2 US households.

people en espanol

PeopleEnEspanol.com Offers Live Streaming of Annual “Stars of the Year” Gala

PeopleEnEspanol.com has partnered with NowLive, a live event production and streaming company, to provide the official webcast from People en Espanol’s “Las Estrellas del Ano” event—live from the red carpet.

On Thursday, December 8, from 9:00-11:00 PM EST, PeopleEnEspanol.com users will have a virtual front-row seat; live on the red carpet from “Las Estrellas del Ano,” People en Espanol’s annual celebration of the most buzz-worthy Latino stars in television, movies and music.  Visitors to PeopleEnEspanol.com will have an exclusive all-access pass to the live Las Estrellas del Ano event where they can catch celebrity interviews, a sneak-peak at the hottest fashion, and be front and center of the action where the industry’s biggest stars will unite for one night—under one roof. Users will also be able to chat live using their Facebook account on PeopleEnEspanol.com, and follow the event using the Twitter hashtag #premiospeople.

For the eighth consecutive year, this Miami-based star-studded gala honors the hottest Hispanic celebrities who have made their mark in 2011. The “Stars of the Year” are selected by People en Espanol editors, along with users’ picks for their favorite, as voted for online at PeopleEnEspanol.com.  Many of those featured in the issue will attend the party including Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez, and Mexican television presenter Galilea Montijo, who appear on the cover of the December “Estrellas” issue.

Partnering with NowLive, PeopleEnEspanol.com will offer an exclusive, real-time experience, making the fans feel that they are at the red carpet itself.  NowLive provides fans a way to interact with high-profile events through user-controlled engagement tools including multi-social network chat, multi-camera viewing and real-time interactive show programming.  The live streaming will be hosted by Ernesto Sanchez, managing editor, People en Espanol digital, and Kika Rocha, fashion and beauty director, People en Espanol.  Ernesto and Kika will chat with the night’s winners about fashion, beauty and noteworthy scoops.  The first webcast will go live from the red carpet at 9:00-11:00 PM EST, with a special repeat cast from 11:00 PM-1:00 AM.  “Las Estrellas del Ano” live streaming is sponsored by L’Oreal Paris.

“We are thrilled to bring this new and exciting content to our readers,” said Armando Correa, managing editor, People en Espanol.  “Our readers picked their favorites for the “Las Estrellas del Ano” issue, and now they will have the chance to see them live and in real time at our event.”

“We have created a robust digital experience for our readers and users,” said Monique Manso, publisher, People en Espanol.  “We’re putting a lens on the excitement of the red carpet and bringing the People en Espanol brand into their homes.  Live streaming is a new vehicle in the Hispanic market and we’re excited to be the first Hispanic brand to partner with NowLive.”

“We created NowLive as a way for fans to interact with high-profile events,” says Sara Bordo, cofounder and CEO of NowLive. “We’re thrilled to partner with People en Espanol for their annual “Las Estrellas del Ano” event and bring the Latino community closer to their favorite stars than ever before.”

Spanish Broadcasting System Names Jackie Nosti-Cambo VP of Business Analytics

Spanish Broadcasting System has appointed Jackie Nosti-Cambo to Vice President of Business Analytics for SBS. Mrs. Nosti-Cambo will focus on the business practices of SBS in all of its markets. She will also develop new insights and understanding to improve business performance in order to grow revenue in all of the company’s markets.

Jackie Nosti-Cambo has been with SBS since 1992. Prior to her appointment, she was VP/General Manager for WXDJ- El Zol 95.7FM, WRMA-Romance 106.7FM, WCMQ-Clasica 92.3FM and WRAZ-Cima 106.3FM in Miami. During her tenure as VP/General Manager for WXDJ-El Zol 95.7FM, the station was ranked #1 in billing with the highest annual revenue ever achieved by any South Florida radio station. All of SBS’s Miami Spanish radio stations were rated among the top ranked FM stations in South Florida.

With over 21 years of experience in the radio broadcasting industry, Mrs. Nosti-Cambo started her career at what was once the Miami classical radio station WTMI 91.3FM as an Account Executive, and later transferred to Hispanic radio at Viva America Media Group. In 1992 she joined WXDJ El Zol 95.7FM as a National Sales Manager. During her years at SBS, Mrs. Nosti-Cambo also oversaw the administration of all 11 radio stations in SBS Puerto Rico for four years.

Mrs.Nosti-Cambo has been on the advisory board of Florida International University (FIU) Center for Diversity in Engineering and Computing (CDEC) Gear Up Homestead program and has partnered with many non-profit organizations in the community, such as the March of Dimes and AdFed. In addition, she advocates for better and more responsible animal welfare.

latin business today

Latin Business Today Launches Website with Practical Career Advice for Latino Entrepreneurs & Professionals

Latin Business Today, a dynamic new online publication serving the unique needs of Latino entrepreneurs and professionals, has launched with support from blue-chip advertisers. Featuring an innovative content model that emphasizes practical career guidance, networking, and mentoring, the site also boasts alliances with a broad array of professional, research, and advocacy organizations nationwide, according to founder, managing partner, and publisher Barry Mittelman.

Coverage areas on LatinBusinessToday.com include technology, finance, law, politics, public policy, strategic planning, marketing, culture and work-life balance.

LatinBusinessToday.com evolved from Latin Business, a Los Angeles-based, print magazine with a national circulation of 150,000 that was published between 2002 and 2009. Like its predecessor, the new website offers mainly English-language content. LatinBusinessToday.com also will continue work on two ancillary Latin Business magazine properties: the Latin Scholarship Fund, which to date has provided tuition assistance to more than 20 Latino college students, and the Latin Business Spirit Awards, an annual awards gala honoring standout Latino professionals and entrepreneurs.

In addition to numerous advocacy organizations such as The Latino Coalition, the site’s alliance partners include the trade publication Hispanic Market Weekly.

“Latino business owners and professionals are sure to benefit from this website’s rich editorial offerings, to say nothing of its impressive partnerships. We are proud to be one of LatinBusinessToday.com partners,” said Latino Coalition Chairman Hector V. Barreto, who served as administrator of the Small Business Administration under President George W. Bush.

A former executive at Prodigy, Cox Interactive, PGA of America, and IBM, Mr. Mittelman previously founded Linux Executive Report at IBM. Site partner Miriam Vializ-Briggs previously held marketing and strategy positions at General Foods Corporation, American Express, and IBM. She was named Corporate Executive of the Year by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs in 2004. Other key personnel include partner, associate publisher Greg McComb, formerly Latin Business magazine founder/publisher, and veteran journalist Carol Kopp (editor-in in-chief).


Tutele y Tutele Dos Launches 1st Global Bilingual Network with Original Programming [VIDEO]

Telenovela, Fitness, Music, Variety, Comedy and Action Are The First Channels To Broadcast On New Online Network

Maker Studios has launched its flagship online global bilingual network Tutele and Tutele Dos. This is the first bilingual online network of original web programming specially created to supply the increasing demand for content by Spanish-speaking, English-speaking and bilingual Latinos. Tutele, which is part of the launch of more than 100 thematic channels in YouTube, was announced recently by the Internet giant as one if its original investments.

Tutele, the net’s main “hub,” and its ancillary content channel Tutele Dos, has programming in Spanish, English and Spanglish, using a bilingual approach for all Spanish and English speaking Latinos. Tutele has 12 online channels and two hub channels. The network’s focus is cultural programming for young and adult Latino audiences, targeting viewers in the Latino community in the United States, Mexico, South America and Spain. Tutele has also partnered with already established and successful online channels aimed at the Latino community.

Current programming includes the action/comedy series “Si! es I, Pepe,” telenovela “Melodia de Amor,” and the music/talk variety show “Hello, Domingote.”   For an insider’s view, Tutele Dos will also broadcast “extras” including behind-the-scenes videos, interviews with network talent and guest stars as well as “confessionals” from characters of the shows on the network.

“Our vision is to become the largest Internet network focusing on a variety of bilingual original web programming that will entertain, teach and inspire all range of audiences worldwide, while empowering our talent to take creative control and help them build a brand for themselves,” said Jai Bugarin, Head of Bilingual Programming, Tutele/Tutele Dos.


Understanding the Social Media Hispanic & Latin American Markets

If you are a multinational company with global customers, you could have the challenge in social media of understanding who your audience is and what they are talking about. This is especially true if part of your customers are Hispanics or Latin Americans. There are many differences when listening to this audience:

  • Most of them speak Spanglish
  • Others are bi-cultural but speak only English
  • Some just speak Spanish
  • Many of them are local to your market
  • Spanish has many variations from country to country or city to city

These audiences are not identical, and geographical differences play a big role, including cultural differences. Listening to the Hispanic and Latin American segments should be versioned to the different segments or niches in your social media channels. This means that you need to understand how to listen to their social conversations and figure out which social channels are more effective to reach your Latino audience.

Read more at Radian 6.


Defining PR: Words with Friends

PRSARecently, the Public Relations Society of America sent out a crowd-sourcing challenge: Let’s create a new definition for public relations.

It’s about time.

After all, the last one was adopted in 1982. It was the dawn of the PC revolution. IBM had introduced the IBM model number 5150 the year before. The Commodore 64 8-bit home computer made its debut. In two years, Apple would introduce the Macintosh.

Arguably, the PC has had more impact on public relations than any other device. It has changed our scope, our reach and our ease of doing business. I remember heading to the microfiche section of the public library as an intern to research background on reporters. Now, I can find what I need in two seconds flat.

Read more at Forbes.

Shopping Habits are First to Change for New Moms [STUDY]

Proprietary research unveils key insights on how first-time moms think, feel and change as shoppers

Every day, 4,400 women in the United States discover that they’re going to become a mom for the first time. As a woman nears motherhood and becomes a mom, her approach to shopping changes significantly. She spends more time planning before she buys, and places more importance on safety, durability and brand reputation.

These are just a few insights found by top-ranking, integrated marketing communications agency Eric Mower and Associates. Conducted on behalf of EMA’s New Moms Group, Harris Interactive administered a national online study of 1,116 moms, ages 18 to 45 years. Participants included New Moms (first-time moms with one child, age two or younger) and Experienced Moms (moms with multiple children and/or a child older than two). Research unveiled how women think, feel and change as shoppers once they become first-time moms.

Results of the survey also included:

  • New Moms in particular said they have less time (30 percent New Moms vs. 20 percent Experienced Moms) and need to be more efficient while shopping.
  • New Moms spend a great deal of time researching cars (55.7 percent), baby gear (38.4 percent), electronics (35.8 percent), appliances (31.4 percent) and furniture (19.0 percent).
  • Thirty-five (35) percent of New Moms use their smart phones while shopping, primarily to seek someone’s opinion, or access product and price comparisons.

Based on the consumer insights found in the survey, EMA’s New Moms group lent their expertise to brand representatives from major product and service categories at the 7th annual M2Moms® –The Marketing to Moms Conference in Chicago, IL. While there, the team held a workshop titled, “Talk Human: Building Affection, Relevance and Trust with New Moms.”

EMA’s New Moms team includes experts in Insight + Analytics, Shopper Marketing, Creative Ideation, Design + Branding, Public Relations, Social Media and Planning. Its client roster includes respected brands like Dixie, Fisher-Price, Primrose Schools and more.

“Our team has uncovered how motherhood shapes a woman’s opinions and behaviors toward shopping, saving money, brand and product selection, media use, health, fashion and more,” said EMA Partner and member of the New Moms group Virginia Bates. “For brand marketers, this represents a once-in-her-lifetime opportunity to build a customer relationship that will grow from the time her baby is born until he or she walks across the stage at graduation.”

Thomson Reuters

Trading On Sentiment Analysis — A Public Relations Tool Goes To Wall Street

Thomson Reuters doesn’t just publish news — it now reads the news as well, measures sentiment with sophisticated linguistic analytics, and distributes the results to both algorithmic trading engines and real live human traders. This is a big step beyond news services which distribute simple news elements such as corporate earnings or unemployment figures that can be read by trading systems.

“We filter out the noise on the Internet and concentrate on the most relevant, impactful and market moving news,” explained Richard Brown, head of quantitative and event-driven trading solutions at Thomson Reuters. “That allows you to make sense of petabytes and petabytes and get to what you care about the most. Our analysis techniques, which look at what company, what context and sentiment, all help you to be able to take sips of intelligent information from the massive unintelligible data firehose.”

High frequency trading (HFT) engines can take sentiment data feeds based on automated analysis of news and electronic media along with market data and news from Thomson Reuters.

Called Thomson Reuters News Analytics , the sentiment analysis places it in a different world from elementized news feeds which works with more structured types of text such as earnings, employment figures or events that can be tagged for consumption by trading engines. Thomson Reuters has long offered a company events feed. Its sentiment analysis is used by scores of clients, about 75 percent of them running quant strategies and most of those in the HFT world.

Behind the sentiment is a lot of powerful processing and recently developed skills in reading news by computer and understanding it. The feed is even able to understand sarcasm, placing it ahead of a lot of people.

Read the entire article at Forbes.

2012 Trends: A Virtuous Circle of Technology & Content Adoption

Adoption of smartphones and tablets accelerates trend

Surges in tablet, smartphone and ereader adoption have stoked demand for content consumed on these devices, including video, audio, social media, games, news, books and periodicals.

eMarketer estimates that the number of US tablet users will reach 89.5 million in 2014, up from 33.7 million in 2011. Tablet users will make up 35.6% of internet users in 2014, up from 14.5% this year.

US Tablet Users, 2010-2014 (millions and % change)

The number of US adult ereader users will reach 53.9 million by 2014, up from 33.3 million in 2011. eMarketer also expects robust growth in smartphone users, even though that product category is more mature than tablets and ereaders. By 2015, there will be 148.6 million smartphone users in the US, up from 90.1 million in 2011. These users will represent 58% of mobile phone users in 2015, up from 38% this year.

US Smartphone Users and Penetration, 2010-2015

These devices create demand for apps, streaming video and audio, games, ebooks and periodicals, social networking and other marketer-supported activities. Content availability has already skyrocketed to meet the demands of consumers with smart devices, and these confluent trends will help US online video advertising to more than triple over the next four years, eMarketer estimates.

The more consumers adopt new technologies, the more comfortable they become with accessing content on every available screen and expecting the experience to be seamless across devices and platforms. The companies that are best suited to meet these formidable consumer expectations are those that can deliver hardware, software, content and social integration. And the marketers that will get the most out of this new content ecosystem are those that understand how to deliver the best possible experience for each platform.

SOURCE eMarketer

Google+ Brand Pages: What PR Pros Need to Know [VIDEO]

The burgeoning social media network offered by Google, Google+, recently rolled out the ability to create a presence for brands and organizations.

As this development gains traction among the public and, by extension, the business community, what does it mean for PR practitioners?

Implementation and Tips

There are a plethora of resources devoted to explaining the intricacies of the technology. Here are some specifics for PR practitioners:

  • The impact of Google’s verification system. While there is a verification system within Google+, it appears that Google has delayed wide rollout of that verification. However, waiting for verification may not be advisable, and it can make sense simply to establish an unofficial presence if only to avoid pranks like this one played on Bank of America.
  • Does your brand have the resource to properly manage Google+? The establishment of a presence on Google+ is the priority. Maximizing it may have to be sacrificed if it doesn’t fit into your strategic plans. Here is a skeletal setup guide from the invaluable Mashable to help you get started.

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