USHCC’s Green Builds Business Program Comes to Washington D.C.

USHCC Green Builds BusinessThe USHCC Foundation will select 20 small businesses from Washington D.C. to participate in two one-day workshops on best practices adopted by business owners to lower operating costs, increase revenues and motivate workers by incorporating sustainable efforts into their overall business models. The two-day training will take place at the Kellogg Conference Hotel at Gallaudet University on Monday, August 1st and Tuesday, August 2nd. The program will be led by Bill Roth, Founder of Earth 2017 and the trainer for the program.

“The USHCC has seen great effort put into green business plans by those who have participated in the program thus far,” says Javier Palomarez, USHCC President and CEO. “I have no doubt that the selected business owners in D.C. will do the same. We are also thrilled to have the opportunity to work closely with the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce on this important initiative.”

At least one business in D.C. will be selected to receive up to 24 hours of one-on-one green coaching by Bill Roth to formulate a green business plan or implement a green project that holds the potential of creating jobs, growing profits and reducing emissions this year.


USHCC Foundation
Jennifer Tarazon, Director
(202) 715-0493

Earth 2017
Bill Roth
(925) 323-2304

Herb Espino Promoted to Senior Vice President of Sales for America CV Network

America CV Network has promoted Herb Espino to Senior Vice President of Sales for America CV Group.   The Senior Vice President will now be responsible for sales at all America CV owned & operated stations, throughout the East Coast, including Puerto Rico.

Herb started his broadcasting career as account executive WCMQ AM, one of the first Hispanic radio stations in Miami, Florida. He then succeeded at various important management positions in Miami’s Hispanic media: General Sales Manager of WLTV, Channel 23 (Univision’s Miami station), General Sales Manager of WSUA AM Radio, General Sales Manager of WAQI AM & WRTO FM, Vice-President of National Merchandising Services, a division of Tichenor Media, the predecessor of Univision Radio and Director of Advertising of Diario Las Americas, a daily newspaper. Espino also worked in Puerto Rico where, as General Manager he successfully undertook the development of a brand new FM radio station, WDOY.  Herb joined America TeVe as General Sales Manager in 1999.

The company also announced that Lourdes Diaz was promoted to General Sales Manager for WJAN and WFUN, the Miami stations owned and operated by the group.

Digital Moms Favor Informative Ads

Detailed digital advertising a good bet to reach mom demographic

As the family’s chief purchasing officer, mothers are VIPs to marketers. And to reach moms, marketers are wise to invest in digital advertising.

When the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement and Media Behavior Institute surveyed US moms about the media activities they engage in during weekdays, they found that among both millennial and Gen X mothers, mobile usage was most common—even ahead of television.

Other favorites in the digital area among moms of all ages are going online, social networking and emailing.

Weekday Media Activities of US Moms, by Generation, March 2011 (% of respondents in each group)

And when it comes to advertisements, another survey of moms by could lead to the conclusion that the type of ads that engage mothers are those best experienced online. For example, 51% of moms said “ads that provide detailed information about how I can use a product” grab their attention. After all, it is difficult to offer much detail in a 60-second TV spot.

Some 39% of’s respondents pointed to “visually appealing ads,” while another 21% were attentive to interactive ads like polls, quizzes and games.

Online Ad Formats that Grab Their Attention According to US Mom Internet Users, Spring 2011 (% of respondents)

The actions moms took after viewing online ads is another argument in favor of buying digital placements. Some 53% visited the product website, followed by 51% who printed ads or coupons. Forty-eight percent of moms—notorious for their thorough product investigations on the internet—did more research online, and 44% clicked on the ad. Nearly four in 10 moms purchased the product being advertised.

SOURCE eMarketer

New Internship: Hispanicize Seeks Bilingual PR Intern

How do you reach Latinos online and actually engage them in your discussion? Partner with Hispanicize. Our platform delivers. Our services range from social media consulting to strategy analysis and outline to actual implementation and tactical outreach. Our group of social media and blogger connection services has two platforms- and

We’re in need of a college-level intern with some unique skills that we would continue helping to develop. Ideal candidate is:

  • Comfortable with digital media
  • Highly engaged or interested in social media
    • Understands or willing to learn blogs
  • Team player- takes direction and gives feedback, active team participation
  • Is comfortable writing content on an ongoing basis, has good writing skills and can develop stories from given leads
  • Ability and command of English grammar
    • Spanish knowledge or bilingual preferred
    • Knowledge of Hispanic community essential
  • Proficient web research and search skills

Physical location of position is virtual with a strong preference for New York or Miami-based candidates. An average of 10-15 hours is anticipated and position is unpaid financially, yet priceless in skills, contacts, networking and content development learning.

To apply, please send your resume and cover letter to

Miami * New York * Los Angeles * Atlanta

Twitter: #hispz #latinamoms

FB: Hispanicize  latinamoms

The Beginning Of A Multicultural Marketing Approach

Considering the steadily growing population of Latinos, they have become a target of special study looking closely into their cultures and how they are adapting to the American way of life. Biculturalism or the cross-over between the two cultures are evident.

And this phenomenon has attracted not only government policy makers, census takers, social scientists and social media, but also marketing professionals to look more closely into the U.S. Hispanic lifestyles and spending habits and how they affect the marketing strategies they need to adopt to reach this specific market segment. Biculturalism has been growing over the years and it’s not limited to just having tacos, jalapenos, tamales and tequilas in Mexican specialty restaurants. Song and dance, the universal languages as seen in some TV programs, show diversity in a multicultural society at work.

The End of the “General Market” As We Knew it?

Marketing experts are well aware of the effects of biculturalism in rethinking their marketing strategies so that the multicultural sensitivities are factored in. In a melting pot of cultures, acculturation is not a one-way thing. More often than not, it works both ways. In this regard, acculturation could mean diversity. Let’s take some specific examples.

The 2010 Census counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United Sates, making up 16.3% of the total population. The social networking sites like Facebook have many of these U.S. Hispanics as members interacting with themselves mostly in their native tongue, Spanish. Perhaps, it wouldn’t be a surprise if in their social circles -family and friends – they have some specific inclinations to say, a special kind of alcoholic beverage, specialty shop or fast-food restaurant which caters better to their cultural background. This is not to forget their inclination for viewing TV channels catering specially to their cultures like watching — “telenovelas” — soap operas done in installments. Indeed, this is a multicultural society.

Infuse of Multicultural Sensitivities into their Messages

For some, it might mean the beginning of a multicultural marketing approach to the growing presence of Latinos in American society. To be sure, they will impact the way we market and sell needs and wants, from food to housing to health care and education, even hi-tech electronic gadgets and entertainment.

Census data is certainly changing the way marketers look at Hispanic consumers. However, as we know, the cross-over among cultures is a two-way street.

Download data on state and county populations for 2010 and 2000, by Hispanic origin. (Source: Pew Hispanic Center).

Diversity is the New Mindset, the New Cross-Cultural Phenomenon

There seems to be a trend in diversity as a result of this cross-cultural phenomenon. The Latino or US Hispanic entrepreneur who operates a small-scale business in the neighborhood could be serving his taco delights, or tequilas or selling sombreros, aside from renting out DVDs featuring special song and dance numbers in their own native styles. Or a Latino bringing home the master’s degree he or she earned in a prestigious U.S. university will definitely add to erasing the great cultural divide.

Many will argue that there are two currents or forces pulling in opposite directions. However, sooner or later, the Latinos and non-Latinos will be totally absorbed into the multicultural society and it will, hopefully, redound to the mutual benefit of all. The next U.S. National Census, about nine years from now will, I hope, bear witness to this development.

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SOURCE MediaPost

UrbanDaddy Launches Manero Club Social y Deportivo in Chicago & Miami

Media powerhouse, UrbanDaddy, debuts new Latin lifestyle website with performance
by The Duo-Nacotheque during a Viewing Party for the Copa America Finals

Earlier this week, Chicago celebrated the launch of Manero Club Social y Deportivo, an exclusive, first-of-its-kind digital destination for the sophisticated, affluent Latino on the Web, in a relaxed afternoon of soccer a la Manero style. The launch event took place at The Market Bar in Chicago, with a live performance by The Duo-Nacotheque.

Manero—launched by luxury media powerhouse UrbanDaddy—is a new publication targeted at the bourgeoning affluent Latin American segment. “With Manero, we are bringing a new voice of authenticity to the marketplace,” said UrbanDaddy CEO Lance Broumand. “People of the Latin American community are craving something new and fresh, we think there’s a lot more to the Latino media diet out there and we hope to fill this gap with Manero.”

Besides performing for the official launch of Manero in Chicago, The Duo-Nacotheque has officially joined the “Socios Fundadores” club of the Manero brand. “It’s an honor to be part of Manero’s Socios Fundadores club, we appreciate their commitment to supporting Latino talent”, said Marcelo Baez from The Duo Nacoteque  “We are excited to see Manero soon become the “it” publication that keeps us connected with the Latino culture here in Chicago and other US cities.”

The Manero media brand revolves around social clubs that are ubiquitous in Latin American society. “These multipurpose institutions are an integral, dynamic and wide-ranging part of the cultural fabric where friends gather to engage in cultural, educational, athletic, musical and other recreational activities. These clubs are small worlds unto themselves, colored by the warmth and joie de vivre of Latino and Latin American culture. Just as each club has its own special personality and magic, Manero will be especially dynamic, interesting and entertaining,” said Manero Creative Director Fernando Cwilich Gil. “Think of Manero as a rich, sophisticated, exclusive clubhouse that exists both online and off. A fun, intelligent, dramatic and debaucherous lair where amazing and beautiful things happen around the clock.”

Both out of a deep passion for the content, community and mission statement of Manero, Heineken USA has chosen to be Manero’s founding sponsor and partner, and will play an important role in the brand’s social activities over the next year. Among other things, Manero and Heineken will be hosting a series of over-the-top launch events across the country and creating new content and technology channels, including both mobile and tablet products.

“As the digital landscape continues to rapidly evolve, our Heineken team wanted to be a part of helping drive the direction of branded entertainment in the digital space—from the very foundation of the brand. Heineken’s partnership with Manero is extremely forward-thinking and groundbreaking, as it puts a whole new definition to the marriage of ‘content and commerce’ online,” said Heineken’s Hispanic Marketing Director, Danny Mandelbaum.
Manero will engage readers with thoughtful, refreshing and stylish experiences by focusing on hyperlocal and curatorial lifestyle intel geared toward the young Latino looking to maximize his social lifestyle. Articles will provide readers with exotic, fresh and exclusive content and cover breaking news on new and classic restaurants, bars, clubs and happenings. Manero’s content will be distributed mainly via email, with a strong website, events and perks component. From sports and fashion to music to art and everything else in between. Manero has been launched in Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago; New York will follow in the following weeks.

As a part of the launch and ongoing community engagement efforts, Manero has assembled a select list of Socios Fundadores, or founding members, who will receive special status and perks for being amongst the first ambassadors. These influential Latin American individuals, selected from the worlds of art, sports, music and food, will host dinners, exclusive performances and other engaging opportunities for the Manero community.

PRSA Board of Directors Renews Contract of COO Murray

PRSAAt its quarterly meeting earlier this month, the 17-member Board of Directors of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) voted to renew the employment contract of PRSA president and chief operating officer William M. Murray, CAE, through December 2014.

As the top staff member at PRSA, Murray has worked closely with PRSA’s chair and CEO, its Board of Directors and volunteer leaders to transform the organization in significant ways.

In the past two years under Murray’s leadership, PRSA has increased the scope and number of benefits it delivers to members, while cutting $1.5 million in operating expenses from its budget, keeping membership levels stable and meeting or exceeding the Society’s financial goals.

Murray also has played a central role in identifying and initiating an extensive slate of major projects. Some examples include upgrading important infrastructure, such as the “Jobcenter” and Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) websites; developing value-added product and service offerings, such as a digital version of The Public Relations Strategist; improving product and service delivery, from revamping the daily Issues & Trends eNewsletter to developing a mobile app for PRSA’s International Conference; and contributing to the data-driven re-engineering of PRSA’s advocacy efforts, which now focus on the business value of public relations, ethical standards of conduct and diversity within the profession.

In addition, Murray has worked with the organization’s national leadership on the formation of partnerships between PRSA and the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), the Institute for Public Relations (IPR) and continuing education programs at New York University, West Virginia University and Rutgers; increased the number of free PRSA learning opportunities; enhanced the financial and operational support provided to PRSA’s local Chapters; and presided over record-breaking years for International Conference sponsorship and the Certification for Education in Public Relations (CEPR) program.

The accomplishment of which Murray is most proud, however, is maintaining high levels of satisfaction among PRSA’s members.

“Even as we navigated an extremely difficult financial period for our country and our members, our 2011 ‘Membership Value, Perception and Satisfaction’ survey shows that key evaluative metrics, such as ‘overall impression of the Society,’ ‘membership satisfaction’ and ‘likelihood to recommend membership to a colleague,’ all have improved,” said Murray. “I’m delighted to have been able to partner with our Board, volunteer leaders and staff to make it all possible.”

Financial terms of the contract were not disclosed. Like many other federally tax-exempt organizations, PRSA files an IRS Form 990 annually. The form provides information on PRSA’s mission, programs and finances, including the compensation of key executives.

Prior to joining PRSA, Murray was executive vice president and co-chief operating officer of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), a trade association representing the international interests of the major Hollywood studios in more than 70 countries. At different times while with the MPAA, Murray was responsible for the association’s international operations, strategic planning, market research and digital strategy.

Earlier in his career, Murray was president of William Murray & Associates, a consulting firm focused on developing international media strategies for clients that included venture capital firms, governments and media companies.

NAHJ Mourns Passing of George Ramos; Consummate Journalist, Mentor to Many

George Ramos and Rosa Morales during his 2007 Hall of Fame induction. Morales and Ramos co-directed the NAHJ Student Campus. - Image via

George Ramos, a lifetime member of NAHJ and inductee into the NAHJ Hall of Fame, has passed away. He was 63. George was a mentor for the Student Campus at this year’s convention in Orlando, volunteer work he had done for many years. He was the consummate journalist, and was part of three teams whose work won Pulitzer Prizes for the Los Angeles Times. We grieve his loss and miss him. This tribute is written by NAHJ’s Vice President for Broadcast Manuel de la Rosa, one of George’s many protégés. – Michele Salcedo, President

Read the entire article at

NEW INFOGRAPHIC: Google+1 vs Facebook

Wondering what makes Google +1 different than Facebook? Check out this new infographic from The Tech Addicts.

More than 40 percent of new independent Mary Kay businesses are Hispanic-owned

Despite the U.S. Department of Labor reporting only 18,000 new jobs added nationwide in June 2011, options to earn money still exist for the more than 13.9 million unemployed Americans. In fact, more than 165,000 people already are on their way by starting independent Mary Kay businesses in April in the United States — the largest monthly amount within the last 10 years. Of the total new businesses, 40 percent or 66,000 are Hispanic-owned.

Mary Kay also had a 9.5 percent increase in independent sales force members in the United States in the first half of 2011, compared to the same time period in 2010.

These record sales force increases serve as a unique example of small business growth in the United States. The company’s success continues on another front — with March 2011 representing our highest sales month in company history.

These company milestones are timely given Mary Kay Inc.’s annual Seminar in Dallas until Aug. 6 — where the success of the company’s independent sales force is celebrated. Seminar is focused on recognizing Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants for their achievements, while also providing education, inspiration and motivation for the year ahead. Per the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau, economic impact of the event is more than $71 million.

“For more than 47 years, Mary Kay has provided women of all ethnicities and backgrounds with an open-ended and unparalleled business opportunity, which in light of the ever-changing economic conditions is more compelling than ever before,” said Vice President of U.S. Marketing Yvette Franco. “We remain committed to enriching women’s lives worldwide, and are thrilled Mary Kay can provide at least one bright spot in our nation’s discouraging economy.”

During this year’s event, more than $6 million in sought-after recognition and prizes will be awarded, including jewelry, international vacation getaways and career cars, including the coveted pink Cadillac. Mary Kay’s annual Seminar will bring together Independent Beauty Consultants from the United States, Canada and Europe Region during five, back-to-back conferences at the Dallas Convention Center.

Eventus Ramps Up Sports Marketing, Launches “Latino Living Legends” Exhibit Today

1999 National Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee, Orlando Cepeda, Will Be On Hand for the Unveiling

As part of ramping up its sports marketing division, Eventus has teamed up with the Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame (HHBMHOF) and the New York Yankees to unveil a special exhibit featuring memorabilia from six living Latino baseball Hall of Fame members.  The “Latino Living Legends” exhibit will open today to the public for a limited run at the New York Yankees Museum Presented by Bank of America located inside Yankee Stadium.  On hand for the inauguration will be “Latino Living Legends” honoree and National Baseball Hall of Famer Orlando Cepeda.  Fans and baseball aficionados alike will revel in the experience of the exhibit, which will be on display at Yankee Stadium for the remainder of the 2011 calendar year.

The exhibit will pay homage to the six living Hall of Fame members of Latino descent currently enshrined in Cooperstown – Roberto Alomar, Luis Aparicio, Rod Carew, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichal, and Tony Perez –  who have all made an incredible mark on America’s favorite pastime, while proudly representing their Latino heritage.

“It is a true honor to have the ‘Latino Living Legends’ exhibit at Yankee Stadium and for it to be associated with such a prestigious organization,” said Gabriel “Tito” Avila, Jr., founder and president of The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame. “We would like to thank the New York Yankees and Eventus for their efforts in helping us pay tribute to these great players in bringing this exhibit to the fans. This is another step forward towards our goal of having a permanent home for the museum to commemorate Hispanic baseball history.”

Eventus is recognized throughout the industry for developing successful consumer-brand relationships and experiences.  Bringing together the HHBMHOF and New York Yankees for the “Latino Living Legends” exhibit further showcases Eventus’ dedication to servicing multicultural markets with innovative event properties and cultural experiences. Eventus has been developing its sports marketing practice diligently over the past few years and underwriting this exhibit at Yankee Stadium provides the ideal opportunity to formally announce the launch of their sports marketing division. “It’s the perfect occasion to introduce ourselves to the sports marketing community and demonstrate our commitment and our passion to grow our sports marketing division into a world-class practice,” says Nelson Albareda, President and CEO of Eventus. Eventus’ sports marketing services include sponsorship strategy and consulting, property development and management as well as activation strategy and programming.

“The New York Yankees are honored to host this exhibit in our iconic Yankee Stadium,” said Manuel Garcia, Yankees director of Latino Affairs. “Taking pride in the history of our national pastime is important to us, and being able to highlight the contributions of these Latino Hall of Famers in our Museum is very exciting. The Hispanic Heritage Baseball Museum Hall of Fame and Eventus have done a fantastic job with this important exhibit, and we know our fans will truly enjoy it.”

Advertising Industry Honors Excellence in Multicultural Marketing

Fifteen champions of inclusion will be honored by the AAF at the 2011 Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards Luncheon & Forum, which will take place on October 6, 2011 in the Roosevelt Hotel New York, during Advertising Week.

Diversity Achievement 2011

Mosaic Awards 2011

Corporate Leader
Procter & Gamble

Multiethnic Advertising Campaign
Agency: UniWorld Group, Inc.
Campaign: Where I’m From
Industry Influential
John B. Osborn
President and CEO
BBDO New York
Multiethnic Media Usage
Agency: interTrend Communications
Client: State Farm
Campaign: I’m Connected
Industry Career Achiever
Mary Baglivo
CEO New York and CEO/Chair of the Americas
Saatchi & Saatchi
Multiethnic Interactive Media
Agency: IW Group, Inc.
Client: MetLife, Inc.
Campaign: Chinese Dragon
Role Model
Michele Thornton
Senior Director, Emerging Partnerships
Turner Broadcasting–CNN

Multiethnic Student Programs
Organization: The One Club
Program: One Club Creative
Boot Camp
Josie Thomas
SVP and Chief Diversity Officer
Multiethnic Supplier Partners
Corporation: InterPublic Group
Felicia Geiger
VP and Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Deutsch Inc.

Multiethnic Talent in Adverting
Agency: McCann WorldGroup
Client: Weight Watchers
Campaign: It’s a New Day
Pioneers of Diversity
The Torch
Workforce Diversity
Agency: Leo Burnett
Campaign: Agency Identity
and Inclusion Program


This year’s milestone event marks the 15th anniversary of District Two’s Diversity Achievement Awards, and the 10th anniversary of the AAF Mosaic Awards. The program has been presented jointly by AAF and District Two since 2004.

Creating an inclusive advertising industry has been a priority of the AAF for nearly two decades. During this time, the AAF has committed a substantial portion of its resources to achieve this objective by investing in a myriad of programs that promote and advance multiculturalism and diversity within the advertising industry. 

The Diversity Achievement and Mosaic Awards Luncheon & Forum is part of AAF’s programming designed to celebrate diversity and provide opportunities for advancement in the advertising industry. Each year hundreds of advertising industry thought leaders convene for this program to interact with their peers and demonstrate their company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. 

This year’s recipients have embraced advanced marketing techniques and business practices, and developed diversity initiatives that not only help improve the bottom line, but also secure a relevant role in a corporate environment of inherent change.

For more information, please visit or contact Bruce Ford at