AH&LA Commissions Study of Multicultural Markets

Study Illustrates Business Case for Marketing to and Serving U.S. Multicultural Markets

AH&LA Commissions Study of Multicultural Markets  The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) has released a study quantifying the travel and spending power of the top five multicultural groups – African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LGBT), and females. The Power and Opportunity of Multicultural Markets provides a snapshot of the size and potential economic impact for hoteliers who target these important segments. (more…)

Descuento Libre Selects Sensis as Agency of Record

LOS ANGELES, CA — Sensis has been selected as agency of record (AOR) by Descuento Libre to completely rebrand and market the social buying website targeted to Hispanics and focused on Latino culture. Work provided by Sensis will include strategic planning, rebranding, marketing plan development and the launch of a digital-centric advertising campaign.

Founded in 2010, Descuento Libre targets Latino consumers and those interested in experiencing Latino culture through discounted promotions on a social buying website. The company’s services and promotions are available in 21 U.S. cities with large Latino populations as well as 56 cities in Mexico. (more…)

Minority Content Helped Seal NBC Universal Deal for Comcast

But Will Commitment Help Marketers Looking to Spend More Advertising Dollars in the Sector?

As it turns out, minority programming became the linchpin to Comcast’s expensive and hard-fought campaign to win federal approval for its merger with NBC Universal. In what some observers saw as a cynical, yet savvy ploy, the cable giant specifically sought to appease Federal Communications Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, a Democrat who had expressed concerns that the merger would drown out diverse voices in an increasingly conglomerated media world.

Comcast put her at ease by agreeing to add at least four African-American-managed or -owned cable networks and four Latino-owned or -managed networks over the next eight years, as well as some English-language programming geared toward Asian Americans. Subsequently, Ms. Clyburn voted to approve the merger in a 4-1 ruling that turned Comcast into what some now see as the most powerful media company on the planet.

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Sorry State of Diversity in Advertising Is Also a Culture Problem

Despite Temporary Hike in Minority Creatives After Recruiting Efforts, Agency Environments Seem to Be Turning New Hires Away

It’s 2011, and while many things have changed in the advertising industry, the sorry state of diversity hiring isn’t among them.

Despite some positive trends over the past year — general-market agencies are hiring more Hispanics (as they try to win more Hispanic business) — a number of watchdog groups and industry professionals still think the situation is far from good.

Though the most current figures aren’t yet available, the New York City Commission on Human Rights doesn’t seem to be satisfied with progress made since it intervened in 2006. And while holding companies say they’re making progress, the threat of a class-action lawsuit still looms.

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Is Cross-Cultural an Industry Breakthrough or Threat to Ethnic Shops?

While Some Praise Concept of a Unified Message, Others Argue General-Market Agencies Are Using it to Move in on Others’ Turf

One of the latest buzz words to enter the marketing lexicon is “cross-cultural.” It paints an idealistic picture of a color-blind society, one in which consumers’ similarities outweigh their differences regardless of ethnic groups. Whereas multicultural means multiple executions — often from multiple shops — wouldn’t it be simpler to find one truth that reaches across culture?

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CultureWaves Offers Real-Time Consumer Insights from Around the World

culturewavesCultureWaves, a global consumer-insights company, offers a fresh approach to multicultural market research by providing consumer insights based on real underlying human emotion—the why, not the what—of a trend. With a constant feed of content being researched and uploaded 24 hours a day from around the world, the unique software system utilizes “cloud” methodology and varied worldwide feeders to capture this life evidence.

Thirty-three behavioral shifts are tracked and monitored all day, every day, allowing CultureWaves to connect consumer trends with innovative ideas faster than any other insight options available. This merge of information and insight is a powerful tool to help you develop on-trend business strategies and innovation platforms. (more…)

PRSA and Hispanic Public Relations Association Broaden Partnership

PRSANEW YORK, NY — The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is expanding its affiliation with the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA), having agreed on a framework for greater cooperation and reciprocity on a broad range of member and industry initiatives.

PRSA and HPRA will cross-honor member rates for national events and reciprocate on guest articles, blog posts, speaking opportunities, web links and memberships for each organization’s Executive Committee. HPRA’s Executive Committee also will continue to have the opportunity to take part in PRSA’s annual Leadership Rally.

PRSA partnered with HPRA and the Hispanic PR Blog last year to sponsor the 2010 Hispanic PR & Social Marketing Conference.  PRSA will sponsor the event again in 2011.


PR Newswire & MultiVu Launch ARC, a New Online Engagement Platform

PR Newswire launches online engagement platform
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ARC is the first all-in-one content engagement platform that lets you easily, quickly and widely distribute your multimedia content – especially video – across multiple digital channels to all of your key audiences. Unlike widgets or microsites or passive media players, ARC brings together everything you need to drive content marketing results: A highly accessible and interactive format. Massive distribution via PR Newswire’s industry-leading multimedia content distribution network. Dynamic, “on-the-fly” update-ability. Along with extreme speed, efficiency and measurability. No other digital platform does more to make your content marketing programs successfully deliver measurable results. For more information, go to http://www.multivu.com/players/English/48198-PRNewswire-ARC-Marketing/

PRSA Renews Partnership with Hispanic Public Relations Association and Hispanicize to Sponsor Hispanicize 2011

- PRSA members will get discounted rate to attend conference

- PRSA will co-sponsor opening night ‘Advancing Diversity’ reception

NEW YORK, NY — For the second year in a row, the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is partnering with the Hispanic Public Relations Association (HPRA) and Hispanicize to become the association co-sponsor of Hispanicize 2011, the 2nd Annual Hispanic PR & Social Media Conference.

PRSA, as part of its “Advancing Diversity” initiative, supports the conference’s goals of furthering multicultural communications and achieving greater diversity in the public relations profession.

“This conference has become the showcase event for the biggest and best that is happening in Hispanic public relations and social media,” said PRSA  Chair and CEO Rosanna Fiske, APR.  “This conference reflects PRSA’s values for supporting and showcasing diversity at its best.”


Latinos in #Twitterlandia

Many Latinos are gathering on Twitter via hashtags. How do marketers connect with them?

In an earlier column, we observed that Latinos not only index higher on Twitter than any other ethnic group, but also self-index higher: that is, we tend to self-identify, self-organize, and self-categorize more than other folks. The tool of choice for all of this self-indexing is the Twitter hashtag – select words and phrases preceded by a hashmark (for example, #twitterlandia – an actual hashtag on Twitter) that make individual tweets more searchable. They also make individual tweeps (the people doing the tweeting) more findable, which is the greater opportunity for Latinos – and marketers hoping to engage Latinos – on the vast river of information that is Twitter. Without the hashtag – a simple innovation created by users themselves – Twitter would be unmanageable.

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Latinos and Teens: Cracking the Social Media Codes

If I say “Pudding!” to my closest friends, they’ll crack up laughing because they know exactly what I mean. It’s an in-joke, a kind of secret language that defines us as a group. Widen that circle to my fandom friends and we truly have a language all our own. A language we use so commonly that we often forget that outsiders can’t figure out what we’re talking about. Then again, maybe that’s part of why we developed the language in the first place, so we can talk in front of the whole world but only those clued-in will know the truth.

Teens have a language all their own and they’re taking it to new heights through social media. According to an article in MediaShift, teens have developed their own form of “social coding” that allows them to be public while still keeping their conversations private. From the type of profile picture you use, to which brands you follow, there’s a hidden message in everything teens say or do.

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What Makes Facebook Fan Pages Successful?

Engagement, interest and constant connection keep fans coming back on Facebook

Well-known brands like Coca-Cola and Starbucks have had success turning their Facebook fan pages into popular sites with millions of fans. Local businesses are also leveraging the site and can learn from their global neighbors.

Local businesses make up 17.6% of Facebook fan pages, according to financial services firm Wedbush, while companies come in at 6.3% and products at 3%. Interests, musicians and public figures are also high on the list. (more…)